Hospital Inventory Management

Healthcare inventory management, spaceTrax, hospital inventory management
Healthcare inventory management, spaceTrax, hospital inventory management

SpaceTRAX Delivers Real-Time Visibility into Inventory Levels to Help Cut Costs

Little or no inventory visibility

If a hospital doesn’t have an accurate idea of inventory, it can unexpectedly run out of stock. To avoid this issue, hospitals often overstock inventory, leading to unnecessary costs.

Increased risk to patient safety

When needed products aren’t available due to product expiration or unavailability, patient care is impacted. Lacking ability to automatically track expired and recalled inventory increases risk to patient safety.

Inefficient manual processes

Oftentimes hospital staff end up spending too much time dealing with inventory, when they could be focusing on patient care instead.

Complex payment structures and regulations

Using manual processes makes it challenging to capture billing charges while navigating strict payment regulations. Unwanted results can include time-consuming resubmission efforts, penalty charges, and lost revenue.

Data disconnection between inventory costs and procedural measures

Healthcare facilities struggle with connecting inventory management data with relevant procedural data. This lack of visibility prevents meaningful insights to clinical care, staff and resource utilization and cost control.

Reduce costs through better clinical inventory management

  • Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels and proactively manage supplies
  • Eliminate zero-use items and reduce the occurrence of expired items
  • Align stock levels with demand

Eliminate delays in care delivery

Maximize the availability of essential products and eliminate wait times while reducing rescheduling

Increase charge capture

Use a standardized interface for billing, purchasing, item master and patient information

Automate the supply chain

Simplify the reorder process with barcoding technology

Achieve connected inventory and procedural data visibility

Connect clinical and inventory data creating actionable information to drive quality outcomes that address:

  • Room utilization
  • Staff utilization
  • Procedural item preferences

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