Wireless Contact Sensor Monitoring


Enhance Environmental Safety, Prevent Costly Damage

Someone has left open the door to a cryogenic freezer containing irreplaceable tissues. A medicine cabinet that should be secured is unlocked and accessible by unauthorized individuals. A pipe has burst in the middle of the night, leaving a lab at risk of flooding.

How can a hospital proactively detect—and address—such risky scenarios around the clock?

With wireless contact sensors from STANLEY Healthcare, it is now possible to keep “eyes and ears” on doors and windows, refrigerators and freezers, medical cabinets and carts, and smoke-detection and motion-sensor systems 24/7. STANLEY Healthcare’s Wireless Contact Sensor Monitoring solution combines the MobileView platform with wireless contact sensors to offer hospitals an effective, automated way to deliver real-time alerts when, for example:

  • A refrigerator or freezer door that is normally closed has been left open unexpectedly, creating risk of loss of costly medicines or irreplaceable human organs or tissue
  • A smoke detector or motion sensor has been triggered, giving hospital personnel rapid and proactive notice of potentially dangerous conditions
  • A crash cart or medicine cabinet has been opened without authorization
  • Water that should not be present is detected, empowering a hospital to prevent extensive damage

Beyond those event notifications, the solution uses the hospital’s wireless network to report alerts and periodically send check-ins to ensure reliability.

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