InnerSpace 5000 Series Casework

Designed to fit virtually any space, STANLEY Healthcare's 5000 Series laminate and stainless steel casework utilizes both standard shelving and InnerSpace's Cell System to allow infinite configuration possibilities.  Whether you need one wall of cabinets or a department-sized system, we're happy to provide you with a free onsite storage analysis, free layout assistance and free custom drawings (including CAD).  

Our laminate casework is ideal for operating rooms, cath labs, radiology/IR departments, endoscopy departments and central supply. Complement your décor by choosing from hundreds of standard laminate finishes by Wilsonart® (, Formica® (, or Pionite® ( 

Our stainless steel cabinets and carts are ideal for Surgical areas (OR, IR, Cath Lab, GI/Endo and SPD) where sterile items are stored directly in procedure rooms. They support infection control practices and compliance requirements for safely and efficiently securing supplies while maintaining clear visibility of items.

Allows infinite configuration possibilities

Pre-configured cabinet helps maximize storage space

Stores large diameter scopes

Protects scope optics

Pre-Configured for Operating Rooms

Pre-Configured for Operating Rooms

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